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Cambridge Connections

Cambridge Connections software is our turnkey social networking application for members of organizations. Each of the Lotus Collaboration functions is available. Add Web 2.0 components like profiles, blogs, wikis, tag clouds and chat rooms to your Organization's web presence with a simple set-up. With additional components, you can add real-time Web meetings, document libraries, instant messaging, communities, activity planning and full search capabilities. Cambridge Connections can be added to your existing server network or as a service via that you administer with a standard Web interface.

Key components are provided in an integrated scalable solution:

HOME PAGE The Lotus Connections home page provides you with a consolidated, customizable overview of your social network. You can use the five widgets that are supplied, or add your own:
  • the Profiles widget lists your colleagues, along with their new activities, blogs, and bookmarks.
  • the Blogs widget lists the latest blog entries your colleagues have made.
  • the Dogear widget shows "My bookmarks," Popular bookmarks, your Watchlist, and recent bookmarks.
  • the Communities widget shows the communities fo which you are a member.
  • the Activities widget shows new activities, new entries in high priority activities, and a quick view of all the activities in which you participate.

It's easy to rearrange the widgets to suit your own needs, by dragging and dropping them. You can also build and add your own. The home page also features advanced search to make it easy to locate specific people and information

PROFILES People burn through countless hours every year searching for information and help. Imagine how much productivity would increase if they could easily discover the right people at the right time. Cambridge Connections profiles enable people to find those with particular interests or expertise by searching keywords (tags) related to topics such as expertise, skills, current projects and responsibilities. Profiles reduce geographic and structural barriers, enabling employees to develop and maintain personal relationships with other organizations and across your organization.

COMMUNITIES Making it easier for people to find each other is only the first step to driving innovation and productivity. Making it easier for people to work together is just as important. Through communities, Cambridge Connections users can create, find, join and work with people in multiple organizations who share a common interest, responsibility or area of expertise. Using a community blog, IBM Lotus Sametime software and e-mail, people can interact with one another and share ideas and information. Moreover, through other Cambridge Connections capabilities, including Dogear and Activities, the community can share useful bookmarks and manage shared activities.

BLOGS In many organizations, it’s been difficult for individuals to develop their voice and express ideas and opinions to people outside of their immediate work groups or organization. Blogs provide a way for people to present their ideas and receive feedback from others. And users across the network can easily find the blogs and learn from these experts without interrupting the experts or clogging up e-mail inboxes. Cambridge Connections blogs give you full control over who can access, create and edit specific blogs.

DOGEAR Even with today’s sophisticated search engines, it can be difficult for people to find the Web sites and the other resources they need to do their jobs effectively. With Dogear, people can save, organize and share bookmarks, and discover bookmarks that have been qualified by others with similar interests and activities. (Users also have the option to keep bookmarks private.)

ACTIVITIES Cambridge Connections goes beyond simply helping people establish connections and share information. Through the activities component, it also provides capabilities that facilitate the faster completion of tasks. People can organize their work, plan next steps and easily tap their expanding professional network to help execute projects more quickly. For example, it enables people to track work with dashboards and manage, share and track to-dos for a project within your organization or multiple organizations.

Cambridge Connections makes good business sense because it offers a complete integrated solution with all of the components you need without deploying it as part of your organization's infrastructure.



Empowers people and teams in multiple organizations to create dynamic networks to work together, more effectively

Helps remove the barriers between people and information

Helps drive innovation so you can grow your organization

Delivers powerful social software capabilities in an integrated platform, from a single source

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