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Lotus Connections

Announcing Lotus Connections 2.0, the newest version of Connections. It offers many new ways to customize any or all of the features and it now includes a new Home page feature!

Home Page - The Lotus Connections home page provides you with a consolidated, customizable overview of your social network.
You can use the five widgets that are supplied, or add your own:

  • the Profiles widget lists your colleagues, along with their new activities, blogs, and bookmarks.
  • the Blogs widget lists the latest blog entries your colleagues have made.
  • the Dogear widget shows "My bookmarks," Popular bookmarks, your Watchlist, and recent bookmarks.
  • the Communities widget shows the communities fo which you are a member.
  • the Activities widget shows new activities, new entries in high priority activities, and a quick view of all the activities in which you participate.

It's easy to rearrange the widgets to suit your own needs, by dragging and dropping them. You can also build and add your own. The home page also features advanced search to make it easy to locate specific people and information.

Profiles – Profiles are the part of Lotus Connections that help you discover the right people, at the right time. You can find people - search for people -- based on things like the person's name, their organization, location, reporting structure and interests.

CommunitiesCommunities allows groups of people who share a common interest to collaborate with one another by exchanging and sharing information or interacting with one another via IBM Lotus Sametime, and email. And a Community can take advantage of all the other parts of Lotus Connections in the same way that an individual user can -- for example, Communities can be discovered the same way people are discovered. And communities can have their own bookmarks (discoverable via Dogear), and a community can have its Activities.

BlogsBlogs help you connect with people - within and outside your enterprise. They help you build communities of shared interest. They give each person in the enterprise a voice. Because blogging is as natural as writing an email to a group, one can share his thoughts and solicit feedback without worrying about filling up everyone's inbox. Blogs help you communicate with your peers or colleagues and nourish innovation.

Dogear Save, organize and share bookmarks; discover bookmarks that have been qualified by others with similar interests & expertise. Dogear gives people a better way to manage their own bookmarks as well as share, subscribe and search the community's bookmarks. Dogear makes it easier than ever before to share information and accelerate innovation. With Dogear, you can discover where people get their information. You go straight to information that a member of your community has already vetted and found appropriate and useful. You can discover information using search-and-pivot browsing: start by navigating by tags or links or people, and, when you find someone who looks interesting, pivot to go to their Profile or their bookmarks. Dogear is a whole new way of connecting people and amplifying the power of working together.

Activities Activities is designed to help you organize the information and the people you need, so you can effectively execute on assignments.
Activities make it easy to:
  • track your work with a dashboard
  • invite and share your tasks with others
  • manage to-dos that you and your team have
  • discover and share best practices by creating activity templates

With Activities in Lotus Connections, you execute faster. You get higher-quality results and preserve best practice for future reuse.

Home Page, Profiles, Communities, Blogs, Dogear, Activities

Cambridge Connections software is our turnkey social networking application for members of organizations.

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