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Sametime is the industry’s leading Unified Communications and Collarboration solution. Sametime incorporates presence awareness, instant messaging, telephony, Web conferences, and audio/video into an integrated, secure environment. In mid-2008, Sametime will evolve to include additional, ground-breaking functionality for real-time personal, team, and community collaboration.

Lotus Sametime Advanced software will help make it easy to find information and share expertise, engage in ongoing conversations, instantly share your desktop and automatically store and reuse location information.

For example, planned capabilities include dedicated chat rooms that persist as long as needed, in which people can participate in a discussion, see what's been discussed in their absence, and optionally be alerted when a keyword of interest is in discussion.
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Planned capabilities also include "Skilltap," which let you broadcast questions and get answers from experts -- even from people you don't know.
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Sametime’s suite of capabilities are included in CambridgeConnections, our collaboration suite for trade or member associations.

Lotus Sametime software can help you:
  • communicate more quickly and more efficiently
  • strengthen your relationships with colleagues, business partners, suppliers, and customers
  • find and access the expertise and knowledge throughout your organization
  • keep your projects on track and your team on the same page
  • use realtime collaboration inside Microsoft® Office and Microsoft® Outlook
  • use Web conferences to share presentations and documents
  • stay connected to your team, even when you are away from your desk
  • exchange IMs with people who use external, supported, public IM networks, such as AOL AIM®, ICQ®, Apple® iChat™, Yahoo® Messenger and Google Talk™

Sametime allows organizations to conduct secure, on-line board meetings with presentation sharing while archiving all procedings.

Lotus in the Press

"IBM has chosen to approach the market with technology that can leverage companies' existing telephone systems, while Microsoft has made it clear that it hopes to one day replace those systems with software-based communications running on servers."



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